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Activity history


Belly dance Japan (ikaros)

En Vie (multilingual Web fashion magazine)
Japan Times
Diário de Notícias (Portugal)
525 az (Azərbaycan)

Shooting calendar

2018.08-11 November

Fotofever Paris 2018  (Le Carrousel du Louvre)

2016. 10 March

Takarazuka, commissioned by the over one-year, “a Takarazuka photographers ‘ activities and contribute to the promotion of Takarazuka.

Takarazuka is life website

2016. 29 Feb

Azerbaijan national elite for newspaper Exchange articles

2015.30 May

Belly Dance Japan Vol.32 p.16.53.55 (credit and)

2014.29 November

Belly Dance Japan Vol.29 p.18 (credit and)

2014.21 November

Ensemble Sabina shooting @ Symphony Hall

2014.20 April

Ensemble Sabina shooting @ Nishinomiya Arts Theatre

2014.1 March

Belly Dance Japan Vol.27 p.76

2013.3. September

Belly Dance Japan Vol.25 P.29


Online fashion magazine “En Vie” September issue p.102 (Japan version)


Online fashion magazine “En Vie” No.5, p.79


BellyDance Japan Vol.23 p.46


Online fashion magazine “En Vie” 11-p.40-42(credit and)

2012 9-13 August

Orchestra concert shoot @ Rome, Italy

2012 27 April

Online fashion magazine “En Vie” may p.53-55(credit and)

2012 17-22 April

FOTOGRAFIKA III: black and white at the SOHO Art Gallery

2011.30 October

Roma fest Gypsy Dance Festival Osaka meeting @ world Museum

2011.4 September


2011 3 September

Ensemble Sabina shooting @ Nishinomiya Arts Theatre

2011 21st-30 August

Japan-Germany Exchange 150th anniversary related events Hamburg exhibition light, music, afterimage @ sazcafe

2011 4 June

In Portugal of the 1864 issue newspapers “Diário de Notícias” post photos offer 2010 2 September

Ensemble Sabina shooting @ Nishinomiya Arts Theatre

2010 23-31 August exhibition “portraits of Bellydance” @ Nikon Plaza Osaka, photo square

2010 May

Web version of gourmet Navigator, courtesy the food log SAZ CAFE.

2010 20 March

Published in the Japan Times Tania Luiz article.

2009.4 – 5 taken November independent film “Simple Monk” H.H.Dalai Lama 14th Documentary Film of steel photos by and the Pope Okinawa Japan.


Photo courtesy Tania Luiz Promotional Video 2009 on YouTube.

2009 13 September

Held at Ashiya stylist probably produced by group photo lessons “dream Princess favor angle.


Belly Dance Japan photo s vol.16 “Japan now decorate the performers” (Tania Louise profile, credit no)

Vol.13 event report “DINA WI NOSS!”

Vol.12 p39 “Turkish Roma” (uncredited)

p.105 event report “spring minpaku Forum 2010 in West Asia the rediscovery of the belly that shakes the world” (credit and)

p.127 “portrait of belly dancing” holding announcement ad

Vol.10 p.24 latest restaurant guide “Istanbul Konak” and p.57 world super star interview “VIRGINIA”

(Both credit and)

Ballet lesson wear for Check really vol.9 p.66-67! / 8 times Barnes school chapter (Umeda, Osaka) (credit and)

Vol.8 p.60-63 world super star interview “SORAIA”

(Credit and)

Vol.7 p.89 “foreigners working in Japan dancers”, “Tania Luiz”


Live Report p.103 vol.6 (credit and)

Vol.5 p68 “istanbulconack” page (uncredited)

2008 MarchLomography Week 2008 Some photographs are exhibited. at “picnic on picnic”; Loft Umeda.

2008 February

Web version of gourmet Navigator photographs supplied to “istanbulconack”.


7-13 AugustI Love You @ Fuji Photo Gallery Osaka (Group exhibition)

2006 24.October

A lot of Windows Photo exhibition at Hotarugaike station