Profile – Fox-walk Photo Gallery



Taking hearts of wedding photography, stage photographs, collection pictures and collection of studio contracts etc at the request of the weekend heart.

I decided to learn to take a picture of my friend’s wedding.

I am looking for a weekend and night bus from Osaka to Tokyo twice a month at my own pace rather than learning skills in an experienced classroom for 3 years.

Based on unique photographer competition and each other, you can gain valuable experience with bass and eggs.

After that, since 2006, in the Kansai, we have contracted the studio not only for 10 years (now 2016) but also taking freelance wedding photographs.

We can personally ask.

Feelings when shooting people through photos, actions to cherish important people, energy, shot atmosphere, a person who felt the same at the best, people who feel happy.

Even in Japan and overseas, we have opportunities and want to expand the stadium.

Collect shops, galleries, cafes, event spaces, live performances and place your trip everywhere.

Please contact your event.


It was taken so far;

Dancer, performer, musician, bride and groom, annual study group, seminar, alumni association, party, dance presentation, cafe menu photo, fashion show, magazine interview with photo etc.

Photo exhibition;

Photo exhibition with belly dance-themed (Nikon salon)

Introduction of young German art to the world and nightclub of the fun of photo exhibition (150th-anniversary event of Japan and Germany friendship)

Language is particularly interested while touching various arts and cultures around the world, dance, music, arts, and crafts. I love delicious food. The knowledge and experience we got can not be made prominent in the picture.

Pictures, enjoying the world’s fun is listening to each other’s opinions and opinions.

I consider a new viewpoint and propose one of them.