The film “Left of Chopin” has got cinema awards!!

Here is the trailer of “Left of Chopin”

— Cinema Awards —

⚫︎   World Cinema Antwerp BELGIUM 2020
 🏆Jury Award
 🏆Screenplay Award
⚫︎   Japan Art Center 12th Movie Grandprix
 🏆Screenplay Award
⚫︎  The southeastern international film festival
 ⭐️Official Selection
⚫︎  World Cinema Milan 2021
 🏆Best Foreign LanguageFeature Film

⚫︎  World Cinema London 2021

   🏆Best Sound Design Award

⚫︎  Amsterdam International Film Festival  2021

🏆 Official Selection

⚫︎  World Cinema Nice 2021
🏆Best Foreign Language Screenplay Award

⚫︎ Tronto International Women Film Festival

🏆Best Director Award

⚫︎ WICA Los Angels

  🏆Official Selection

⚫︎ Vesvius International Film Festival

  🏆Best Cinematographer

⚫︎ Liberty Film Awards

  🏆Honarable mention

⚫︎ Prague International Film Festival

  🏆Best Feature Film


My Works

I supplied some theatrical properties, such as a portrait, a magazine cover for the film, and had taken so many backyards photos.

In the movie shooting period, I watched so many scenes including preparing. The director rewrote the script for 19times!!

It is an independent film, so they do not have enough budget. One staff has to play many roles, and Many people did cloud funding for this.


This story is about two pianists.

Although this is a story about a pianist, it is also about the director.
The protagonist, Kentaro is obsessed with becoming the best. A piano is just a tool for achieving his goal. In the final scene, he hears music that changes him – something that seemed impossible.
While making independent movies the director was always thinking [How do I get nominated] [How do I win the festival?] – she felt hollow whether she won or not.
Then, she saw a movie that touched her heart. It opened her eyes to the fact that what touches you must be sincere. In this film, she tried to communicate that with sound.

Here is an article introducing the movie.

Trailer: Left of Chopin by Yoshino Takemoto (Asian Movie Pulse)

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