We can’t understand which we never experienced. So we are focusing on the perceptive and visible things.
But visible is always related to invisible infinite.
We can see the sky through the window. But it doesn’t mean that the size of sky is limited inside of the window.
If we never experienced to go outside of the house and always have been watching the sky through the window from birth, we cannot understand what is the sky.
If someone say to us that the sky is infinite, we may think he is crazy. How can one see the infinite from a small window? – at the most whatever can be seen from a window can only be as big as the window itself. It seems to be logical thinkll jg perfectly. But we know it is wrong. Because we had experienced to go out side and had seen the sky directly.
We can’t prove our personal experience to someone. He can’t understand till he have experienced it personally.
We cannot see the infinite itself directly. In the beginning, we need something shape and form for access to the formless.
But we shouldn’t take a mistake. Although it cannot be seen, it doesn’t mean it is no exist.
(Chikahiro Hanamura)

I think that any person who can suggest a new point of view could be an artist…