Left of Chopin?

The independent film is being prepared for production in the All Hanshin area location, aiming for 2020 release that will be 25 years from the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake.
I am taking pictures of the practice scene.
The original work is based on a novel by an amateur writer living in the local area, and the work of a contemporary music composer who works from the local Kwansei Gakuin University is also adopted as music.
It is a work rooted in the area, including the appointment of the piano bar master Izumi Takahiro who became the model of the novel.


Story outline

This movie will be a full-scale music movie with a young pianist as the main character on the stage of Nishinomiya Kitaguchi. In the midst of the disaster as a pianist’s ordeal,  the story will ask not only people who want to play music but also many people “how to live” through the figure of the protagonist who goes on the path of music in earnest.
A cheering message for a great musician who works as a left-handed pianist is also included in this work.
The pianist Takeo Chiuchi, who has the right-hand dysfunction, is the center, and there is a “left-hand archive” project that works for pianists who suffer from the same illness.
In addition, the protagonist of this film will develop dystonia and will take the first step as a pianist on the left hand.
This is the link of “left-hand archive” project

To be continued…